Coral Locket

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It is considered highly auspicious for getting employment. Red coral represents diplomacy and concurrence. It quiets the emotions and brings peace to within the self. Red Coral stimulates the energetic pursuit of pre-determined goals. It protects from depression and despondency. By wearing this locket with Triangular Red Coral onersquo;s physical problems get rectified. Triangular Red Coral is the symbol of all three major aspects of power. This locket enhances stamina, resistance power, courage and will power of a person. It makes men more manly and energetic. It also controls onersquo;s temper. Red coral strengthens the circulatory system and the bones of the body. It stimulates tissue regeneration and nourishes the blood cells. Treats disorders of the spinal canal, the alimentary canal, the nervous system, and the thalamus. Treats hiccups, colic and heartburn. Aids in the release of impurities from the muscular system. Red Coral treats disorders of the kidneys, bladder and parathyroid. By wearing it the difficulties of married life also get reduced substantially. Red coral locket is worn to get the favorable influence of planet Mars. Wear it on any Tuesday of bright lunar half after reciting following Mantra at least 108 times -Om Kraang Kreeng Kraung Sah Bhaumay Namah
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