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Product Description
Wearing this locket will not only help in sharpening the intellect but it will also be helpful in overcoming the evil influence that the wearer is subjected to. Those people who are into the field of mathematics, commerce, communication, law etc are mostly benefitted by this locket. It should be worn on Wednesday morning by stringing it in a piece of green or yellow thread. Wash it with Panchaamruta to energize it and chant following Mantra. Mantra: Om Bung Budhaaya Namah. Material: Silver Size : None Purpose: Health, Education, Mercury-Remedies, Business-Remedies, Gemini-Moon-Sign, Virgo-Moon-Sign, Taurus-Ascendant-Sign, Gemini-Ascendant-Sign, Virgo-Ascendant-Sign, Libra-Ascendant-Sign, Aquarius-Ascendant-Sign, Locket
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