Tibetan, Buddhist, Brass Pooja Bell, Pooja Bell with Stick, Starstell Tibetan Buddhist Brass Pooja Bell with Stick - 8 Inch

Buddhist Pooja Bell |  $ 101.00

Product Description
Used both as an aid in mystical rituals and a balancing force unto itself, the Hand Bell and Puja stick are powerful implements, both symbolically and in the effect they offer on energies, both negative and positive. The bell represents feminine aspects of the divine, while the Puja stick embodies aspects of the masculine. With the left hand holding the bell and the right holding the Puja stick, the bell is struck. This harmonizes the room in which the bell rings, with the resonance bringing both negative and positive energies into a state of balance. This is frequently used as an aid in Feng Shui, as well as in other prayer and magical rituals. The bell itself is of ornate bronze, standing approximately 8 tall and 3 in diameter. The Puja stick is made of wood, and is approximately 6 in length and 1 in diameter, and is contoured to fit easily in your hand.
Product Features
  • Used as an aid in mystical rituals.
  • Ward off negative and harmful energy.
  • Helps to meditate and clear your state of mind.
  • Brings a soothing feeling of peace and harmony.
  • Dimensions: 8" (H) x 3" (W) x 3" (L).
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Buddhist Pooja Bell STP-196 1 $ 101.00


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