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Ying yang Bagua

Bagua | ` 400

Product Description

Installing a Bagua mirror at the front of your door is believed to help in warding off negative energy from entering your home. The concave bagua mirror is normally used outdoors to balance the negative enrgy. It deflects the harmful chi therefore proper care must be taken while using this mirror. It is strictly advised that this mirror should never be used indoors. Also, there are different directions on which this mirror should be hung to derive effective results in specific areas. For instance, if this mirror is hung in the northern direction of your house then it might increase your business and if it is hung in the east, then accolades and success might kiss your feet.

Important Note: Do not ever hang this mirror in the Southern direction of your house.

Product Features

Material: None

Purpose: Vastu-Remedies, Family-Prosperity, Vastu, Fengshui, Feng Shui.

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BaguaFS0021400 `


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