Starstell, Feng Shui Fish, Arowana Fish, Colourful Arowana Fish, Starstell Feng Shui Colorful Arowana Fish on Bed of Wealth Showpiece (Polyresin, 13.5 cm)

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Product Description
Arowana is the most expensive aquarium fish in the world because of its close similarity to a dragon. The Arowana, also known by the Chinese as the golden dragon or living dragon, is said to be the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. It is so expensive because of its close similarity to an actual dragon; it has beautiful metallic scales that reflect the colors of the rainbow, and boasts two whiskers on its face. It is a significant symbol of prosperity, because the word fish in Chinese translates to yu, which also means wealth. The Arowana fish is an amazing creature. It has adapted to humankind, as it is able to interpret the language, stay focused on tasks, and display a high level of intelligence. One of the most prominent abilities that the Arowana has is being able to see bad events in the future, detecting the aura of negative energy to come. If it suddenly begins to hit itself against the walls of its glass aquarium, it is a sign of terrible events. The Arowana, in the worst cases, will spring out of the water and commit suicide, sacrificing its own life to repress negative energy for its owner. The Arowana is a very influential icon among all other water-dwelling creatures. It will bring all kinds of blessings to your home and your family, some of these being increased income (the reason for its title of the wealth fish by affluent businessmen and tycoons), prevention of accidents and harm, protection and guardianship, as well as an enhancement of surrounding chi flow. This is a highly auspicious figurine of Arowana swimming over a bed of treasure. In Feng Shui, this good luck symbol is highly revered, and can be placed in a number of ways around your home.
Product Features
  • Keeping Arowana fish in home and offices is advantageous.
  • Represents unlimited wealth
  • Supposed to bring good fortune.
  • Also known as Chinese Golden Dragon Fish.
  • Improves and enhances the windfall luck.
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