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Product Description

Pay INR 79/- (Product MRP 501/-) and Talk to our renowned Astrologers and get a specific question answered- Buy the product online, you would receive your coupon through the registered email which would be required when you call us to talk to our Astrologers at IVR number 011-47066472

Note: This is a one time use product and cant be re-used 

Planets chart the course of our very existence. Their movements within their trajectories can either benefit us greatly or cause great upheavals in our lives. We at StarsTell promise to bring the services of the country’s most reputed astrologers to you. If you have been facing challenges lately that are haunting your family, career or finance, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

Talk to an astrologer  and find solutions to all problems of your life. 

Our astrologers will help you find the right path in life.

Product Features Astrology Services Portal is a one-stop shop for all your astrology and related services. You can talk live with a professionally qualified astrologer; to get consultation on all kinds of astrology related information-predictions and remedies on love, marriage, career, business, health, numerology, panchang, compatibility etc.

Regional USP: - Our nationwide presence provides you an ease to understand your solutions in your preferred language.(i.e., a caller from Kolkata could talk with an astrologer in Bengali, caller from Maharashtra can talk to an Astrologer in Marathi, etc).

Item NameItem CodeItem QuantityTotal Price
Ask a question to get instant solution to your problem20TLSTRO1799 `

Delivery Direction

A code will be sent to you via e-mail. You dial the specific number and get connected to an astrologer in your preferred language. 

1. Visit 
2. Buy the product using your credit/debit card 
3. One voucher per customer can be purchased at a time with options to select multiple vouchers 
4. Multiple sessions are allowed till the talk time is fully utilized 
5. Voucher can be viewed & used immediately once transaction is successful on 
6. IVR Coupon Code for telephonic session will be also provided by email 
7. Languages supported on IVR- Hindi, English, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannad and Bengali 
8. The call will last for 20 mins only 
9. This offer cannot be clubbed with other existing promotions 
10. Offer will be valid from 30 days of purchase



For Any Enquiry Please Call Us at +91-11-47066431

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