Starstell, Polyresin, Education Tower, Feng Shui, Vastu,  Starstell Feng Shui 9 Level Polyresin Education Tower Showpiece - 21 cm

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Product Description

The education tower shaped in structure of pagoda is a very effective education luck feng shui cure. When we see architectural structures the different and eye catching Chinese and Tibetans structures in form of pagoda and the beautiful temples are unique. The symbol of pagoda and its shape is unique and a very powerful shape for inviting heaven and earth luck. In feng shui this same principle is used to attract education and self goal luck. The tiers and the shape of the pagoda are unique and represent different aspects of life. You can use the education tower for health by placing it in the east, for new career opportunities in the north and for minatory luck and helpful friends in the north west. The education tower has multiple uses as feng shui cures and not only for education luck. If your child suffers form poor grades and has difficulty in performing simple educational tasks you can place the education tower in your child's study room on their table. If he lacks confidence and is being bullied by everyone put the tower in a place behind his chair and see him gain confidence and stability. Also activate the south west to improve all relationships and the north wets to invite helpful friends in his life, you will see his grades improve and friends and teachers who will be happy to help and encourage him.

Product Features
  • Used to attract education and self goal luck.
  • Multiple uses as feng shui cures and not only for education luck.
  • Brings power, position, stability and confidence.
  • Helps to remove insecure feelings from your child’s mind.
  • Convert negative energy into positive energy and improves education luck.
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