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Taurus Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

Dear Taurean, 2020 will start in an ordinary manner for you. Work will continue to flow on as it were before. Just make sure you do not make any new plan because there is influence of Saturn on you from 24th January onwards. Do not take any major risk in any work related matter. Do not try to invade in the affairs of others. There may be a final resolution in any give and take or property related matter, but, this may take some time more. In matters of romance, things will remain mundane till 18 June. However, after 13th September, the positive influence of Jupiter will be quite helpful and the room of closeness will open between you and your love partner. You will also meet new people. For students, the second phase of this year will be more result oriented. 

Work & Career – You are under the influence of Saturn after 24th January because of which you should refrain from making any new game plan and strategy. There may be a few hardships too. Do not be in a haste to take any major decision or implement any new plan. For the employers, do not run away from the responsibilities and stick to where you are without taking any unnecessary risk. After 13th September, direct motion of Jupiter will bring along a wind of change. Be it at your place of work or at a social platform, you may be entrusted with new responsibilities which you must accept happily. 

Economic Condition — With the influence of various stars and planets, right from January to September, things will be a bit tricky for you in matters of wealth. However, after 29 September, everything will be on a normal pace. You may face some ups and downs throughout the year, but, take it easy. You will be able to manage the loads of work on your own. So, take a chill pill and relax! 

Education — In the field of education, this year seems not so promising for the natives of Taurus sign. As predicted earlier, the influence of Saturn starts from the end of January and the major examinations fall in March-April. Stop wasting your precious time. Stay focused towards your goal of life. If you want to take part in any competitive examination related to your career, take part with full confidence. Things will become smooth and steady for you once the influence of Saturn becomes positive. 

Family & Love Life: A new member will probably join your family. For married couples, good news is on its way. Things and relations will settle down for those who are not yet settled or caught in an unresolved issue. For long term lovers, who had parted their ways due to some misunderstandings, this year may resolve their issues. But, they need to maintain their patience level to overcome this testing phase. Meeting new people and getting accolades may also be possible for you during this year. 


Health: Your physical health will remain good this entire year. The negative influence of Saturn right from the beginning of this year, may make you become slow in action and tired. Exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy lifestyle to resolve any possible health issue. Health problem of any of your loved ones may also be a bothersome reason for you, so, take medicare. 

Suggestion — If you want to ease the complicated issues in your life or minimise the influence of Saturn, chant ‘Shani Chalisha’ or ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ regularly. 

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