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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

New Year 2020 will be a satisfying year for you even if Sagittarius sign is going to be out of the influence of Saturn. However, the positions of other planets indicate that goals set during this year can be easily accomplished. Jupiter will enter Capricorn sign on 30th March and will retrograde on 14th May and will return to Sagittarius sign on 30th June and will assume direct motion on 13th September and will return to Capricorn sign again on 20th November. Other than this, Jupiter will remain combust till 10th January in Sagittarius sign, because of which job and business might not remain that much satisfactory for you. Those who have interest in politics would be able to show their influence in the society. You will get back any wealth, which has been stuck for a long time and your desire to invest in various fields will be fulfilled. Domestic atmosphere will be enjoyable, however, differences of opinion with your loved ones might persist. The main attraction of this year would be more of materialistic passion. This year will be good from the point of travelling and will also give you the opportunity to visit religious shrines. 

Work Prediction: In terms of career growth, this year will be progressive. This year might prove to be great for working individuals because the positions of the planets indicate getting a promotion. Your boss will be satisfied with your work which might result in increase in recurring income. Your good performance will reflect well in your career graph. It will prove to be beneficial if you maintain a sober decorum towards your seniors. This year might prove to be profitable for merchants, but, in the last few months of the year, you should invest with caution. Before taking any decision, the good and bad consequences must be considered. Efforts of those individual who are trying to change their work domain will prove to be meaningful. Time is ideal for the expansion of network; however, competition in any situation will not be good. The unemployed people will soon get a job related to their field. In this year, little effort will result into spectacular success, so, take full advantage of it. In terms of administration, you will not only benefit, but, there will be increase in respect, fame and glory.

Economic Prediction: You would not be able to spend freely in the first half of the year, but, you would be able to afford the necessitude quite comfortably. This is the time when your prior saving will come in handy. New sources of income might emerge in the second half of the year, which will not relief you, but, boost your morale also. Systematic plan of investment can be made on any day of this year. However, you are strictly advised not to invest in more than one plan. You will receive materialistic satisfaction during this year and future plans will be based on economic feasibility. Individuals, who are in controversy over their paternal property, might take some more time to resolve it. 


Family & Love Life: New Year 2020 will remain flexible in terms of family and personal affairs. Ideal position of other planets indicates that there will be addition of a new member in the family and unmarried individuals will find their dream partner. During auspicious ceremonies at home, you will meet certain people who might become very important to you in future. During this period, spend much delightful time with your family members and you will receive splendid love and blessings from your parents. Your relationship with your family members will remain cordial enough. Those who are already in love will have difficulty agreeing with the opinion of their partner. Remember, do not doubt the intention of your partner and do not be carried away with the words of others. If you act wisely, it could reduce the growing distance with your life partner and bring strength in your relationship. For those who are still looking for a soul partner, friends may help them out to settle down in a steady relationship. 

Education & Career: New Year 2020 is good for students. The year is favourable for students of science and psychology. There are signs of success in competitive examinations. You must respect the value of time and if you have set any goal, then you should indulge yourself from now on and you will become successful. You are likely to get the support of planets for success in competitive tests. However, it is advisable to not to let your overconfidence dominate you. If you have to appear in an interview, eat sweet curd at home and proceed. Do not procrastinate and manage your time properly. 

Health: You should take care of your physical health. Some problem could occur because of eating fast food items. There are also chances of skin problem with you, therefore, take special care of your food intake, so that it would not affect your work capabilities. Do not forget to carry essential medicines while travelling. 

Suggestion: Always worship goddess Kali Mata and recite ‘Shani Chalisa’ so that your confidence stays always high and remain so, while facing adverse circumstances. 

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