Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

General – Dear Sagittarian, the beginning of New Year 2021 might be slow for you as your sign is under the influence of Saturn’s ‘Saadhe Saati’ and your sign lord Jupiter will transit with Saturn in the house of family. This might delay the results of your efforts. Have patience. Try to remain at peace and get rid of your discontentment. Businessmen are advised to wait, till 6th April, for the progress of their work. Hold on your investments, during the first quarter of the year. Keep up with the pace of time and continue to do your tasks honestly. After the month of September, expect some gradual improvements in your life. Working professionals are also advised to expect benefits in the second half of the year. You might even face some financial challenges. Have faith in your potential. Your desire to invest in property or vehicle will be fulfilled in the second half of the year. Love, Relationship/Family – As far as love life is concerned, ups and downs are seen. Intimacy with your life partner will increase. Make an effort to ensure that your relationship is respectful. Do not pay attention towards baseless rumours. Those individuals who are still waiting for a perfect match, are advised to stay alert as meeting with new people in the second quarter of the year is seen. Married life will remain as usual. Expect the arrival of a newborn in your family. Education – Students are advised to avoid overconfidence as Saturn’s ‘Saadhe Saati’ might interfere in your plans. Only your hard work will be able to ensure constant success. Do not take competitive examinations lightly. If you are interested to pursue higher studies, time will be helful after 6th of April. Make choice of your stream of education very wisely. Career – Stars and planets are placed well to move on in your career front as aspect of Jupiter on your tenth house is indicating significant improvement in your ambitious plans for a secured future. On the way of success, your unique work strategies will play the role of stepping stones to offer you success. Do not trust a new comer in your team, as it could prove negative for your career graph. Health – As far as health and wellness are concerned, you might experience low energy level and mental tensions. Also pay attention to the health of your soul mate. Remedies – To reduce the malefic influence of Saturn’s ‘Saadhe Saati’, worship Goddess Kali Mata on Saturdays.

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