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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all of you born under Taurus Moon sign, the week ahead is ready to bring along fresh spell of peace and happiness into your life. All your pending tasks will gain a fresh momentum now and you will be able to conclude them successfully. In short, time is expected to flow in accord with your desires in this week. Some minor tiff on trivial issues seems likely at your domestic front which may even hurt your sentiment for a while; however, your boundless compassion and ceaseless enthusiasm will let you fulfill your responsibilities with sufficient ease. Financial stability will help to keep your worries at bay in this week. Positive influence of the auspicious planets may boost your confidence up. Time now may also incline you towards some religious pursuits which can take you towards spirituality and you can, hence, be ready to experience some inner peace. While on your career front, there can be some impediments, but you need not worry as they may not last for a long period of time. Time will itself settle everything smoothly. This week is going to favour you if you are looking forward to join services like defense, or in an administrative post or management sector. Some lucrative opportunities are also likely to emerge from overseas. The week is also auspicious for you if you are planning to invest your surplus funds. At your work front, you need to stay cautious of people whom you cannot trust. Rely only on yourself and do not delegate your responsibilities to anyone blindly. While on your love front, time may offer you sufficient opportunities to spend some beautiful times with your soul mate in this week. Your partner may need your valuable time and serious attention during this week, so, be around to provide him or her the emotional comfort and support he or she is looking for. Mutual understanding between you and your soul mate is likely to deepen further and emotional closeness between you both may also grow more intense now. Time is ideal to look forward towards the joint future of your ongoing relationship and make fresh plans for your life ahead and take your relationship to new heights. However, on your health front, no major concern is seen regarding your health but you need to take care of your food intake. Practicing yoga will prove helpful for your overall wellbeing.

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