Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those who are born under Gemini Moon sign, the week ahead is likely to open up on a mixed note. On one hand, where fresh joy and excitement is ready to fill your heart, equally on the other hand some incapability and financial restraints seem visible on your charts. Although some minor tiff is likely to surface within your family front now, however, the ambiance overall at your home will remain smooth and pleasant to your delight. Some old endeavours of your past time may now bring you wonderful results and may even bring a positive change at your home, so, just do not give up hope whenever you feel blocked during this week. You are likely to get involved in an auspicious events and celebrations within your social arena. Unexpected encounter with one of your old lost friends may bring another reason for you to smile during this week. Time is also favourable for you if you are engaged in studies. Results for your hard work are sure to accrue, provided you do not lose patience and hope and also if you continue with your efforts as ever. In regard of your love front this week, your soul mate may now become the source of shelter for you, which you may be seeking amid your day-to-day struggles. His or her valuable suggestions and guidance will prove to be quite beneficial for you, provided you pay heed to them on time. Despite all the ups and downs, you will still be able to experience success in your endeavours when the love of your life will be around to support you throughout your thick and thin. His or her support may also give a fresh spur to your old forgotten hobbies and creative interests and you can expect to go ahead and make your dreams come true. As far as your career is concerned, progress seems quite visible on your business front as well as you can expect growth in your livelihood too. Even your trivial efforts are sure to bring you greater returns in this week, so, you can actually expect to taste success afresh now. Some financial constraints are visible in your horoscope as your expenses are likely to soar high unexpectedly during this week. As much as possible, avoid coming under impression of your impulses to stay cautious while spending money. Keep clear of your needs and do not overspend by any unreasonable means. While if we talk about your health now, then it seems to remain satisfactory in the beginning of this week but towards the end of the week some minor discomfort can bother you a bit, so, take due care to stay safe.

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