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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Gemini Moon sign, a joyful week awaits you. Your enthusiasm and energy will be at their peak in this week. Unconditional support from your family members and a pleasant environment at your home will keep your life spirit high. You are likely to develop more interest in spirituality and religious pursuits during this week. A short family trip and reunion with relatives seems possible too. Such close interactions with your near and dear ones and time spent with them will eventually help to strengthen your existing relationship with them. Good news from your child or a younger member in your family is also likely to fill your heart with pride and bring you immense joy. Luck is bound to favour you aplenty in this week, but, still, over reliance on fate will not be a good idea for your growth. While on your love front, the week seems be in your favour. Your partner will extend their full support in all your endeavours. Your soul mate?s immense love and proper care will also make you feel comfortable and will put your heart at ease. You and your soul partner may also make extensive plans about your coming days of future too. A new friendship or contact is also likely to be formed during this time, which may develop into a long term relationship. However, if you wish to safeguard your ongoing love life, then you need to stay cautious before indulging too much into any such new associations, and ensure that they do not interfere or impact your existing relationship. While in your professional domain, progress is ensured and unexpected success too is likely to follow you. Every effort of yours is sure to get you good returns. You can also expect to receive full support from your colleagues and subordinates. Some assistance or support from your in-laws may also come to your surprise in this week. Making best use of the available opportunities will be the need of the hour. If plans regarding sale or purchase of landed property or vehicle have been running through your mind then now is the favourable time to materialise all those deals. While on your health front, this week holds some bright chances to enjoy nice time. Abundant vigour and vitality will be experienced by you during this phase; however, you should not take your health issues for granted. Timely attention, proper care and due precautions should be exercised if you wish to sustain and safeguard it for long. You need to exercise regularly to keep yourself in a good shape. Your diet also may need some positive alterations. Thus, avoid oily, spicy and junk food stuffs, if you wish to keep yourself fit and fine.

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