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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

A wonderful week is ready to unfold for all those born under Cancer Moon sign. On your personal front, fulfilling some responsibilities towards your family and the welfare of your dear ones may keep your mind at slight unrest for a while. Someone elder to you may cause some amount of emotional distress, however, you need to maintain your dignity and put your sincere efforts to ensure peace and harmony in your loving bond. Do not get stuck up in trivial issues instead keep moving towards your ultimate goal of life. Move with the natural flow of life and you will see that time itself will settle everything smoothly to your delight. In regards of your financial front, time now seems to work in your favour. Time will bestow you with sufficient opportunities to exhibit your real potentials at your place of work. It also recommends that working in accord with your colleagues will help you to achieve your ambitious goals collectively and more easily. A fresh spell of happiness will surround those of you who are working in government sector and you will be able to enjoy your tasks. A few positive changes at your work front may bring along some extra amount of pleasure to your heart, provided you do not slacken from hard work. Placement of favourable planets in the zodiac is also indicating a few bright opportunities to appear in front of you, if you are looking for a change in profile or a shift in your job. On your love front, time will allow you to experience some memorable moments with your soul mate as well. Existing friction between you both may also get resolved to your delight. Your expressive romantic demeanor will also let you turn things smooth between you and your partner and keep him or her hooked as well. Your love life is likely to undergo some highs and lows, so, it will be wise for you to stay extra cautious about your choice of words and do not act or say anything that has the capacity to impact your loved one. On your health front, no major cause of concern is indicated for you during this week. Some minor cough or cold may afflict you for a while but will not bother you for long time. Taking due precautions and avoiding direct exposure to cold will help you to stay unaffected from physical troubles.

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