Frequently Asked Questions

The following list of frequently asked questions and their answers are meant to help you gain an overview about the fascinating world of astrology which remains ever so popular in every corner of our planet. It provides you with a glimpse of the various astrological products and astrological services we deliver through online astrology. Do feel free to use our contact page to send in your questions. We will not only answer them but also post them to our list here in our next astrological FAQ update.
What exactly is astrology?
Astrology is the science of terrestrial spaces also known as heavenly bodies and their impact on our lives both individually as well as collectively. Astrology is neither a religion nor is it a cult. Some describe astrology as a way of life and our continuing attempt to seek divine guidance for the forces above to ensure a stable and productive lives.
What can astrology do for me?
Wonders. The science and art of astrology can work wonders for you. Had this not been the case, the body of knowledge which supports the discipline would have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Astrology is like a rudder on a ship that monitors the course our lives take. It provides safe and reliable remedies to potentially explosive situations and challenges we face and often predicts these barriers accurately so that we may eventually achieve our milestones with flying colors.
Do planetary factors impact us in any way?
Most definitely. The position of the planets and the stars are known to impact not just our moods but our achievement levels, our decision-making abilities and our overall will power to succeed. If an astrological consultant can help you to lead a fruitful life in tandem with the position of the planets as they relate to you, the number of pitfalls you will experience and the amount of time you will need to make it to the finishing line each time you run the race of life will be reduced drastically. It is for no reason that President Ronald Reagan and his wife First Lady Nancy Reagan used the service of an astrologer every day right from the White House.
How do I select an astrologer from your large team of astrologers?
Although there is no hard and fast rule with respect to how you can choose the right astrologer for your family and yourself, there are a few worthwhile factors to consider which is why we have introduced this list of astrological FAQs. First, review the profiles of the various astrologers we have provided for you on our website. You can take into consideration parameters such as language, the town or city where the astrologer is located, number of years of experience and just about any other detail mentioned in the profile that may touch a cord in you. We should tell you here that all our astrologers hold degrees in astrology from accredited universities and are highly qualified and experienced professionals in their own right. They have been selected carefully keeping in mind StarsTell’s exceptional standards and benchmarks of performance.
How can wearing a gemstone help us?
Gemstones are also called precious stones and semi-precious stones since some gemstones cost less than others. However, their monetary value in no way determines their power or compromises their healing capabilities. Gemstones impact the human body through their radiation powers. They possess the innate ability to ward off the negative impact of the planets on human beings. You must have heard of people experiencing headaches or even falling ill when they remove a gemstone from their body. This isn’t folk lore. Instead, this is genuine reality based on concrete facts and scientifically validated data. Gemstones are an integral part of planetary astrology and serve as antidotes to serious problems that may have a tendency to harm you.
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