Predictions for 12 Moon Signs for July 2020

Predictions for 12 Moon Signs for July 2020

Aries During this entire month, your sign lord, Mars, will remain in Pisces sign, through your twelfth house of expenditures, which is indicating expenditures related to social work with you. Association of the Sun, retrograde Mercury and Rahu, in your third house, is good for you to turn your efforts into reality. Your honesty as well as selfless image will bring you reputation in your social arena. Divine aspect of retrograde Jupiter on three of them may give some unexpected positive developments to help you to win the game of life. You should stay careful as twelfth house lord Jupiter will be there in ninth house, in retrograde motion too, that might create some unexpected problems also. Rising of retrograde Mercury, on 9th of July, may reduce the intensity of this problem up to a certain extent for your relief. Support from your close family members will be there to make the journey of life easier. The Sun will change His sign on 16 July and enter into your fourth house, in Cancer sign, to create an auspicious ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’ to give you results of your hard work in your career front, for your delight.

TaurusYour sign lord, Venus, is placed comfortably, in your sign only, from the very beginning of this month, to stay here till end of this month, to show you the brighter side of the coin. Direct aspect of retrograde Jupiter on your second house of finances will help you to increase your capacity to deliver and make your financial position strong. Auspicious presence of retrograde Saturn in your ninth house of luck is another assertive point for you as your luck house lord, Saturn, will provide you required support from relevant authorities to show you new avenues to grow your recurring income. Rising of retrograde Mercury on 9th July is predicting a complicated situation at domestic front to test your nerves. You are advised to use your presence of mind and practical approach to keep your hold on and control over the situation around. Transit of the Sun into your third house, in Cancer sign, on 16th July, may make you much effortful to increase your output with perfection.

Gemini Presence of your sign lord, Mercury, in your sign, with the Sun and Rahu, is creating ‘Budh Aditya Yog’ from the very beginning of this month, to show you the brighter side of the coin. But, association of the Sun and Rahu, in your sign, is supposed to redefine your way of working to leave everyone surprised. Rising of your sign lord Mercury, on 9th of July will play a very positive role for you, providing you an upper hand in your financial matters. Mercury, your sign lord, will assume direct motion on 12th, to your relief as Mercury is the ruler of your fourth house of comfort also. Presence of the Sun in the finance house, is another assertive point for you to stay blessed, from 16th of this month. In the family front, you are expected to hear good news to your delight. Presence of retrograde Jupiter in your seventh house is going to blend happiness, during this month, in the matters of social reputation and finances, to bring good vibes by the blessings of Almighty God.

CancerYour most auspicious planet Mars is present in your ninth house of luck, creating a very strong ‘Kendra-Trikona Raaj Yog’, to push you ahead in life. Mars is your career house lord and is receiving aspect from retrograde Saturn to let you work hard and make visible progress in life. Retrograde Mercury will remain in combust condition, till 9th of this month, advising you to avoid overconfidence while taking major decisions of your life. Transit of the Sun in your sign, on 16th of July, will continue to shower the blessings of Almighty God on you, to help you to expand your ventures and push you ahead to create opportunities for growth for your delight. Venus will be present there in your income house during this entire month to create flow of funds to give you more assertive results in terms of finances. You should be careful while investing your idle funds and do not trust anyone less known or unknown to you, to reduce the risk factor involved in it.

LeoYour sign lord, the Sun, is accompanying retrograde Mercury and Rahu, in your eleventh house of recurring income, to offer you financial bliss from the very beginning of this month. On the other hand, transit of your luck house lord, Mars, through your eighth house, warns you to control your speech whereas family matters are concerned. Your fifth house lord, Jupiter, is retrograde in His own house, with shadowy planet Ketu, from the starting of July to become sensitive in power and may give you some crucial moments to be handled with care and caution. You may think seriously bring mobility in the projects in hand to alter the current equation of work. There is need of more caution, after 16 July, when the Sun will enter into your twelfth house of expenditure, so that you can reduce the risks involved in your prestigious projects. Show your presence of mind while talking with someone powerful in your social circle to keep the things under control.

VirgoYour luck house lord, Venus, is travelling through Her own sign Taurus, from the very beginning of this month, to increase movements at your career front. Retrogression of Mercury in His own sign Gemini, till 12th July, advises you to exercise vigilance to minimise the possibilities of mistakes around you. Before that rising of Mercury will add to your advantage, from 9th July itself. Retrograde Jupiter is now present there in your fourth house, to aspect your tenth house of career, to bring the results for your hard work done in the recent past time. On 16th of July, change of sign by the Sun indicates significant improvements to alter your financial equation as well as fruitful connections with foreign associates to give you potential opportunities to offer you a moral boost. Retrograde Saturn is also there in your fifth house, in His own sign Capricorn to predict perfect blend of your talent and opportunities at work, as Rahu is present there in your tenth house of career that may offer potential business deals, out of the blue. Government bodies may be there to your rescue, much of your surprise and delight also.

LibraYour sign lord Venus is now occupying Her own sign Taurus and directly aspecting your second house of finances to assist you to reshape the equation of family and finances. But, combination of the Sun, retrograde Mercury and Rahu, in your ninth house of luck is asking you to move cautiously in your plans to save your energy and resources. In between, planet Mercury will assume direct motion on 12th of July to create opportunities to encash them properly. However, entrance of the Sun in your career house, on 16 July, would remain favourable to increase your revenue generation and change the current equation at work as well as money matters. The Sun is the ruler of your eleventh house of recurring income in your chart. Plans are about to take shape and results of your hard work will be visible to make you feel confident. Your sign lord, Venus, in your eighth house might incline you towards spirituality and religious matters, indicating starting of a long journey to satisfy your questions in mind.

ScorpioYou sign lord, Mars, is travelling through His friendly sign Pisces from the very beginning of this month to create excellent ‘Kendra-Trikona Raaj Yog’, to influence your eleventh house of income that will provide you ample amount of funds to help you to manage everything perfectly. Your initiative nature will catch attention from different corners of life, to flock around you and make you feel adored. On 12th of this month, direct motion of Mercury will support you to increase your infrastructure in financial matters. Presence of retrograde Jupiter in your second house will bless you with commanding speech, but, because of indirect motion you should mind your limit and behave accordingly. Show your management skills to streamline the gray areas in your team and corelate with the motto of your goal. The Sun will change His sign to enter into your ninth house on 16th of this month to provide you support from people in authority. Four planets, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are present in their our sign to make significant changes to enlarge your arena of work visibly.

SagittariusYour sign lord, Jupiter, is travelling through retrograde motion with Ketu, in your sign only, to bring lucrative opportunities in the area of work. It could result in to your plans about acquiring property or thinking about a bigger space to increase the arena of work. On 9th of July, Mercury is going to rise in the eastern horizon, to reduce the obstacles on your way to success and to bring potential opportunities in front of you, to your surprise. In addition to this, direct motion of Mercury, on 12th of July, is another positive transit for you to give you beneficial results. On 16th of this month, the Sun will enter into Cancer sign, to receive aspect from retrograde Saturn, to show you unexpected hurdles in your ventures. Mars is also creating an auspicious ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’ in your fourth house throughout this month that could be a boost to your inflow of funds and widen the area of operations. Check your emotional quotient with your near and dear ones to keep it on the right track. Take note of your physical health and wellness more carefully to avoid unnecessary incidents.

CapricornRetrograde Saturn is ideally placed in your sign to provide you consistency to counter the scenario around. Mercury and Jupiter are also moving through retrograde motion, along with mysterious Rahu-Ketu axis, asking you to take precautionary measures in the area of family and finances. Planet Mercury will come out of combustion on 9th of July, to provide you cushions in many areas of life. There might be encouraging news from a close relative to bring a smile on your face, when Mercury will assume direct motion on 12th of this month. The Sun will be there in Cancer sign from 16th of this month to show you sunshine in your social circle. You may experience strong affinity towards art and music because of placement of Venus in Taurus sign. Share your ideas with like minded people in order to make your space in their mind. It is not a very favourable time for you to invest huge amount of money in a single scheme. Transit of retrograde Jupiter through your twelfth house is asking you to go with caution in this regard.

AquariusTransit of your most auspicious planet, Venus, through Her own sign Taurus, during this entire month, is predicting new avenues to explore and visible growth in business activities to make you feel confident. Mercury is, now, with the Sun and Rahu, in Gemini sign, which indicates multiple ventures to start and grow. Rising of Mercury, on 9th of July, is showing a ray of hope to keep you on the right track. Direct motion of Mercury, from 12 July is predicting better results with an constructive frame of mind. The Sun will enter into your sixth house of competitions in Cancer sign on 16th of this month that will help you to stay ahead of your competitors. You will be able to manage the situation with utmost precision. Routine health check up is advisable for you at this point of time because of the placement of retrograde Saturn in your twelfth house. Transit of your income house lord, retrograde Jupiter, through your eleventh house of income is showing constant flow of funds to build up a strong financial base to your confidence.

Pisces Your sign lord Jupiter is now travelling through retrograde motion to warn you to take more care about your family and finances. Mars rules your ninth house of luck and, presently occupying your sign to create a very strong ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’, to give you much auspicious results. Planet Mercury is going to rise on 9th of this month to reduce your struggle of existence. Direct motion Mercury will bring further relief for you from 12th of July to strike a perfect balance between your personal life and professional side. On 16th of this month, entrance of the Sun into Cancer sign, is indicating possibility of gain through people in authority. Retrograde motion of Jupiter is not so positive for you, in your tenth house of career may create dispute type of situation with your seniors but you will be able to pacify the situation perfectly. Try to balance your body, mind and soul to meet the demands of time, by nurturing an old hobby. In the matters of health, it is good time for you to enjoy trouble free days.

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