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Lucky Gemstones

Lucky Gemstone for Aries (March 21 - April 19) - Jasper

Lucky Gemstone Jasper

Fiery Aries, this year is all about finding yourself and channelling your inner expression. Jasper is one lucky gemstone for you. Jasper is all about tranquillity, calmness and reducing stress from your life. Make sure to connect with your needs more than ever this year.

Healing and peace are important themes for you this year, Jasper helps in channelling them. It absorbs negative energy, helps with creativity by stimulating your brain and helps with balance. Focus on yourself and how you wish to live your life.

Lucky Gemstone for Taurus (April 20 - May 20) - Emerald

Lucky Gemstone Emeralds

Taurus, you are know for your hard work and resilience. Represented by the bull, you are ground and channel your earth energy. You are luxurious, efficient and highly skilled. 2022 is the year for you to focus on ambitions and professional growth. Emerald is a lucky gemstone for 2022, taurians.

It is going to help you analyze, be efficient and be ambitious. You are unhinge during difficult times and your resilience shines through this year. Known for its healing properties, Emerald is going to keep you grounded and energized to tango through 2022.

Lucky Gemstone for Gemini (May 21 - June 21) - Agate

Lucky Gemstone Agate

Gemini gang, 2022 for you is about centering yourself. This is the year for your introspection, healing and removing toxicity from within you and around you. Agate is a lucky gemstone for you during this year, Gemini. It knows for stimulating agility which is a trait you will require to strengthen your soul and mind.

Agate is for holistic well-being and streamlining the mind, body and soul. It improves mental function, stabilizes mental energy and is perfect for healing. Ensure to include any form of Agate around you to protect you.

Lucky Gemstone for Cancer (June 22 - July 22) - The Pearl

Lucky Gemstone Pearl

Cancer babies, 2022 is going to require your mental stability and balance. Represented by the crab, you have a hard outer shell but you are a sweet ball of mush on the inside. The pearl is going to help you with the courage and resilience for this year.

It stands for emotional stability and helps with understanding your environment so you make better decisions that benefit your life. Make sure you get your pearls not only for luxury and beauty but for the emotional protection you will need in 2022.

Lucky Gemstone for Leo (July 23 - August 21) - Diamond

Lucky Gemstone Diamond

Diamonds are said to be girls’ best friends but Leo, diamonds are going to be your best friends this year! You are fiery, earthly and driven like the lion and this year is about to drive and shine through. It is time for you to get in touch with your feelings as big things are coming for you in 2022. Diamonds are looking lucky for you leos.

It symbolizes wealth, prosperity, positivity and abundance. This year is about new beginnings hence diamonds are going to keep you protected for all the good things meant to happen this year. Wearing a diamond ring or pendant is going to help you shine through this year.

Lucky Gemstone for Virgo (August 23 - September 22) - Blue Sapphire

Lucky Gemstone Blue Sapphire

Virgo, you are among the best people out there and this year is also about having spiritual beginnings and growth. It is time to get in touch with your spirit.

Blue Sapphire is the perfect gemstone for you in 2022, Virgos! It symbolizes faith and purpose and it is going to drive you to connect with your spirit and get on an embarking journey of faith.

This is a cue to slow down and navigate through your spiritual calling and create a change that focuses on your growth and wellness. This year will help you in connecting with the real things of life.

Lucky Gemstone for Libra (September 23 - October 23) - Opal

Lucky Gemstone opal

Lovely Libras! The seekers of balance and justice, you are always keen to create harmony in and around you. You are peace-loving, youthful and ensure everyone is accepting and included.

Opal is your lucky gemstone for 2022 as it is going to ensure you move forward with your ambitions.

It is going to help you when your mind fogs. It will help you look through the problems and drive you to create the right choices.

Lucky Gemstone for Scorpio (October 24 - November 21) - Yellow Sapphire

Lucky Gemstone Yellow Sapphires

Scorpio souls, 2022 is about keeping your body and mind safe. It is time to focus on your physical health and get active. Yellow sapphire is a lucky gemstone in 2022 for you and will ensure your physical safety.

Known for its healing properties, yellow sapphire keeps the body protected. Make sure you eat well, have an active routine and focus on the good things for your body. Be mindful of what you eat and focus on physical healing.

Lucky Gemstone for Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) - Turquoise

Lucky Gemstone Turquoise

Sagittarius souls, you know for your carefree attitude and adventurous life. 2022 has big plans for you. It is time to pray and hope for luck to touch your life. Your free spirit must know when to slow down and embrace the stillness of life.

Turquoise will help you to take in every moment and live with it. You embrace the beauty of life and this lucky gemstone will help you see beauty in the simplest parts of life.

Slow down, communicate and embrace the time the universe blesses you with. 2022 will steer you to embrace the simplicity and uniqueness of life.

Lucky Gemstone for Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) - Garnet

Lucky Gemstone Garnet

Capricorn! People think you are secretive and coy, but you just value your boundaries more than any other sign. 2022 is the year to push yourself to aim better in life. Be open to new things and look at the bright side of life.

Beautiful things are unwinding for you and it is time to embrace it. Garnet is a lucky gemstone for you in 2022 and it is going to detoxify the negative beliefs that limit you.

It ensures you are in perfect health to reap the fruits of your labour. It will stimulate your creativity and will open new opportunities for you. Capricorn, think out of the box and dream bigger because it is all aligning.

Lucky Gemstone for Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) - Amethyst

Lucky Gemstone Amethyst

Aquarius beauties, 2021 has been a very tiring year for you but 2022 looks very good. It is time for healing and embracing growth. Look at how far you have come and prepared for the amazing future you are meant to have.

It is all coming together for you. Amethyst is your birthstone and also the lucky gemstone for your zodiac in 2022. Amethyst is a very powerful gemstone with multiple benefits and fits perfectly the theme of 2022. It is about rebirth, rejuvenation and moving forward. Embrace your life and remember to keep going forward.

Lucky Gemstone for Pisces (February 19 - March 20) - Aquamarine

Lucky Gemstone Aquamarine

Pisces, you are everflowing and swimming through life always just like the fish. You flow with grace and humility. 2022 is a year for emotional recharge and no one does it better than you. Aquamarine is the lucky gemstone for you in 2022 and it is going to help you flow with the uncertainties of healing.

An element of water, both aquamarine and your zodiac, ensure you take inspiration from water. The oceans represent the vastness of life, so do you. Find meaning and depth within yourself with the energy of Aquamarine, pretty pisces!

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