Debilitation of Venus: How will this influence your relationships?

Venus is entering into Virgo sign on 25 August to become debilitated, i.e., she will become powerless in condition. She will remain in Virgo sign till 18 September. This time, the most interesting thing is presence of planet Mercury in Virgo sign from 19 August and planet Jupiter in the same sign from 11 August to form ‘NeechBhang Raaj Yog’ i.e., cancellation of debilitation of Venus. Venus becomes exulted in Pisces sign, ruled by Jupiter. So, association of Jupiter and Venus in Virgo sign would produce ‘Cancellation of Debilitation’ of Venus to provide power to Venus by Her exultation sign lord Jupiter.


In natural relationship, Jupiter and Venus are mutual natural enemies, as per classic scriptures of Astrology. But, Venus attains exultation status in Pisces sign, ruled by Jupiter. Whereas, Mercury is in friendly relationship with Venus but, still, Venus becomes debilitated in Virgo sign, which is ruled by Mercury, a friendly planet of Venus. This is a quite strange matter of fact that presence in a friendly sign make Venus powerless and being there in the sign of an enemy planet makes Her exulted

This combination of Jupiter and Venus in Virgo sign was last happened 12 years back on 24 October 2004 and was continued till 17 November 2004. This time planet Mars was also there, transitting through Virgo sign. Jupiter takes almost 12 years to complete one round around the Sun. it is going to happen again on 28 October 2028 when Mercury, Jupiter and Venus will unite in Virgo sign. Jupiter and Venus will remain together in Virgo sign till 16 November 2028. Mercury moves faster and crosses a sign in 18 days, approximately. So, Mercury will leave Virgo sign on 30 October 2028.

This transit will remain extremely beneficial for Virgo Moon sign natives, because Venus is the lord of 9th house of luck for Virgo natives. Moderate results can be expected for Taurus, Gemini and Capricorn Moon sign people too. Precautions should be exercised for Libra and Aquarius Moon sign natives as this ‘Yog’ is happening in the inauspicious 12th and 8th houses, respectively, for them.

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