Name Acharya Vikas Tiwari
Experience 30 Years
Expertise Marriage,carrier,Gem consultant,education,money,kids,medical astro,name astrology,palmist
Language Hindi, English

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Biography :

I am Vikas Tiwari. I devoted my life to the science of elemental astrology. Mine Social upbringing taught me reading hand line at the age of five. By the age of 18, I had begun to guide people through mine natural proficiency achieved in the analysis of the ascendant horoscope. Graduation I finished was Civil Engineering in 2010 and worked for 6 years. Due to the self desire of expanding elemental wisdom, I could not stop the work of astrology. I used to tell about the thing's before they happen and every time the calculations were right.I could not ignore my unmatched abilities to calculate any thing related to life & various other happenings on Mortal planet earth.Hence I decided to serve the world with elemental astrology.

I am the master of elemental wisdom of Vedic astrology and this elemental wisdom provides me unique Spiritual ability, to guide the best meditative practice of Tatvayog based on ancient Indian Dhanuryog. I cannot tell how much experience I have, I think I am an astrologer since my previous birth. The goal of my life is not just to provide guidance as a Astrologer but to also teach the elemental wisdom of Dharma hidden within Vedic jyotish. Jay Shiv Jay Shankar Mahadev. Astrology Services Portal is a one-stop shop for all your astrology and related services. You can talk live with a professionally qualified astrologer; to get consultation on all kinds of astrology related information-predictions and remedies on love, marriage, career, business, health, numerology, panchang, compatibility etc.

Regional USP: - Our nationwide presence provides you an ease to understand your solutions in your preferred language.(i.e., a caller from Kolkata could talk with an astrologer in Bengali, caller from Maharashtra can talk to an Astrologer in Marathi, etc



Thanks sir

Yes. Starstell is one such service that provides guarranteed consultation. Our astrologers are professional, dedicated and determined to deliver high quality services always.


Yes we believe in our service and can assure you that our guidance and remedies will be helpful in bringing about some major positive changes in your life and future.


Yes. According to our policy, all the informations shared to us will be kept 100% confidential. We do not share the details of our customers with anyone.


Yes, you can depending on the availability of the Astrologer. However, to ensure that you speak to the same astrologer, you have the facility to book an appointment with your personal astrologer. You can also see the availability of the astrologer online. You can also write to [email protected] to book an appointment with your personal astrologer. You will get a revert within a stipulated time.


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