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Acharya Purshottam




Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

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Expert Astrologer Acharya Purshottam is a post graduate in management and holds a professional degree in Astrology, With inborn Intuitive Instincts and an advisor all his life, he realized his mission to be an Occultist, practicing and teaching various forms of Predictive Sciences- Astrology, Vastu and geopathic 

Acharya Purshottam has been awarded for his excellency and work in the field of Astrology , he strongly believes in law of Karma " What goes around comes around". He has more than 23 years of experience in the field of predictive sciences. he has actively participated in various astrology seminars conducted in various states and guided people in distress.he has conducted many LIVE TV shows

His Clientele includes cricketers, TV Artists, domestic and international clients.he has been writing Horoscopes for monthly magazines.


Expertise: Vedic astrology, Horoscope Reading, Vastu effective remedies for all problems.


Awards and Achievements:

Acharya Purshottam dedication in the field of Astrology and predictive sciences has been well recognized. he has received following awards :

  • Gold Medal in Astrology from Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan from renowned Astro Guru Sh K. N Rao
  • Excellence in Tarot Award Nov 2015 in Mumbai from Bollywood Actor/Director Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Build India Award Feb 2016 for excellence in Astrology from Sh.Manoj Tiwari(MP)
  • Excellence in Astrology Award in June 2016 from MCF Mayor of Haryana
  • Women's Honor Award April 2017 for Astrology and Tarot Reading in Jaipur from esteem NGO "Tamanna Udan Ki"

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