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Online Puja Services

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    Login to your StarsTell Account.
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    Select the Pooja you wish to perform & enter the required details in the form.
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    Make the payment or Recharge your Wallet from available payment models in case of Zero/Insufficient balance
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    Our Panditji will share the Mahurta date & time within 24 hrs of booking. Pooja will be performed as per the Mahurat.
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    We will share video recording & photos on your registered email id & phno on whatsapp

Puja is a medium to invite divine blessings and favours or offer thanks to Almighty God. Pujas are usually performed on an auspicious date to attract prosperity, longevity and good luck. Online Puja enables you to perform the rituals properly at home, without any hindrances. Whenever you need to pacify an unfavourable planet or wish to conduct a Puja, you can rely on our e-Puja Service to satisfy your needs perfectly. Our learned Vedic Panditji perform the Puja rituals as per the norms of Veda.



My overall conversation experience with Starstell was very wonderfull . He described each and everything during a well manner. Thanks you such a lot for this sort of wonderful service by having best astrologers from India.

Sumit Mishra

मैंने अपने बेटे की कुंडली बनवाई है और इन्होंने सब कुछ बहुत ही बढ़िया तरीके से मेरे बेटे की कुंडली समझाई है। इन्होंने अपना पूरा सही से समय दिया और एक एक मतलब समझाया है। में आप सभी लोगो को बोलूंगा की एक बार सेवा का मोका दे।

Neeraj Verma

I requested for my kundali and I got the kundali in 24 hours and it has very good information. that was useful, it very easy for me to contact any good astrologer at anytime and release my stress. Astrologers do counsel very well.

Nitesh Narwal