Acharya Vaasudeva


21 years


Astrology,Match making,Vastu,Horoscope Reading,Numerology,Prashna Astrology,BV Raman method,Krishnamoorthy padhathi And Lahri

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Acharya Vaasudeva, an Astrologer himself, is from a family of Astrologers. He is in to research for past 21 years in Numerology, Reiki, Prashna Astrology, well versed in to Parashara, BV raman method, Krishnamoorthy padhathi, Lahari and he is also doing SRIVIDHYA UPASANA for the past 17 years.He is expert in different mantras like SHODASI and more, which includes tantra, mantra, yantra and different tantric level poojas.

He is also well versed in remedial measures with tantra, mantra and yantras and can advice you on about different gemstones with proper mantras and yantras. He can also tell about the Ishta Devatas by seeing their horoscope, which is an advanced technique.

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